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motoxpreorderHave you been on the lookout for the brand new Motorola Moto X smartphone, but haven’t really managed to get down to getting your accounts in order so that you can justify the purchase of one such device? Well, fret not, you have at least until September 16th to do so, as that is when the pre-order for this smartphone will kick off – at 11 a.m. CT, of course. Apart from the new Moto X, other products that will be up for pre-order will include the Moto X – Pure Edition, Moto Hint and Motorola Turbo Charger.

Depending on the product that you choose, the shipping dates for individual devices will vary, and you will only be informed of it at checkout. Oh yeah, there is also some good news – those who have been hankering after the Moto 360 will find that i is back in stock, so the adage of being the early bird getting the worm applies here, since quantities will be limited. [Press Release]

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