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moto3indiaIt looks like the third generation Moto G from Motorola is about to be on the receiving end of 2GB RAM, as opposed to questions of whether it will come with just 1GB RAM or not. A posting on Indian export-import site Zauba has shown that 190 units of the upcoming third generation Moto G model were sent from Hong Kong to India for testing purposes, with half the number of those being black, while the remaining number were white in color.

Other than having listed down 2GB RAM, it also listed 8GB of internal memory, where each model was valued at $240 a pop. A couple more handsets shipped to India for testing were listed at a far lower value. All in all, we will simply have to wait for the official reveal as to ascertain whether this particular generation of the Moto G will come with 1GB RAM or double that amount this coming July 28th as Motorola holds an event in New York which will most probably tell all by then.

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