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new-moto-droidFor those die hard Motorola fans, here is news for you – you might be on the receiving end of a spanking new Droid device in due time from Verizon Wireless, if the leaked image on the right is anything to go by. What seems to be an alleged photo of the back of the Motorola Droid has been shared by the folks over at HelloMotoHK on Facebook.

HelloMotoHK claims that the image is the back panel of the alleged new Moto Droid. It looks as though the device will feature some sort of plastic or rubbery back, complete with a geometrical pattern on it. Not only that, there is also the presence of a camera with what looks to be a hole in order to ensure that there is also an accompanying LED flash right under it, making it look like some sort of sibling to the yet-to-be-released third-generation Moto G. We should be able to know more about this mystery device in due time.

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