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motorola-moto-g-forteMotorola did talk about the Moto G Forte not too long ago, and while it seems as though this is going to be a brand new smartphone of its own altogether, apparently, reality paints a very different picture. Actually, the Motorola Moto G Forte is a regular Moto G albeit with the addition of a Moto G Grip Shell that has been thrown into the mix, hence fooling folks into actually thinking that this is a new variant of the Moto G.

It has already arrived in Latin American markets, launching in Mexico first via local carrier Nextel, where the Moto G Forte will come bundled with 50GB of free Google Drive storage. One ought to take note that the Moto G Grip Shell happens to be a $14.99 accessory on its own if you wish to purchase it directly from Motorola. Wider availability of the Moto G Forte remains to be seen as at press time.

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