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verizonwirelesslogoVerizon intends to gain additional subscribers with the introduction of their More Everything plan. In fact, this new plan will see customers gain more bang for their buck, as $40 for 500MB will now net you 1GB of data, while those who fork out $50 for 1GB will be able to enjoy double the amount of data – that is, 2GB, with folks who pay $60 to see a bump up to 3GB from 2GB of data.

Apart from that, those who pay for their smartphones under the Edge early-upgrade plan will also be on the the receiving end of discounts on the More Everything plan. Verizon claims that customers who signed up for plans which will include data of up to 8GB will get $10 off for each line, while having signed up for 10GB of data or more will be on the receiving end of a $20 discount for each individual line. Are you stoked yet with the More Everything plan from Verizon Wireless?

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