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htc-m7-renderSo, you happen to be using your HTC One (M7) still, finding that it is able to hold its own when it comes to everyday functions, meaning there really isn’t any need for you to purchase the newer HTC One (M8). Having said that, here is another reason to remain one generation behind if being an early adopter is not your cup of tea. HTC Product Manager Leigh Momii recently announced on Twitter that the Sense 6 update is making its way to the HTC One (M7), and this particular update is tipped for a rollout later this week.

This is pretty much in line with what HTC America president Jason Mackenzie mentioned in the past, that the HTC One (M7) will be on the receiving end of the Sense 6 update before May is over, so while this might be cutting it close to the chase, at least it shows that HTC is true to their word in this matter.

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