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verizon-moto-xMotorola did issue an apology on Monday for their Cyber Monday fiasco, where there was not enough stock to cater to the demand for a Moto X which was accompanied by a $150 discount. Not only that, issues with MotoMaker also compounded the problem, resulting in the aforementioned apology. In order to make amends, Motorola has decided to offer a similar promotion for the Moto X today, but unfortunately, all of the stock has been snapped up before you can say, “Motorola Moto X”. I jest, but what I am trying to say is this, demand has once again, outstripped the existing stock.

Of course, third time’s the charm, as Motorola intends to give folks one more shot at picking up the Motorola Moto X with a $150 discount next Monday, December 9th, from 12 noon EST onward. You know what to do then – do set a reminder on your phone, or write it down on a Post It note somewhere and make sure you perform the necessary when the time comes!

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