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hallWhenever you want to purchase a new device, it is always best to test it out at the store first, before handing over your hard earned money. After all, there is a tiny risk where you could end up with a dud, as with Monica Hall. She dropped by an AT&T Store in Mesquite, Texas on November 15th, picking up an iPad Air there before returning home only to discover that the iPad Air was a demo model, after realizing that the tablet could not load apps or lock. She had to spend a considerable amount of time with Apple Support to get things working, but that was not the end of her woes just yet.

The iPad Air also contained more than 300 Apple employee contacts, and this proved to be a large problem as all of those contacts would end up on her iPhone whenever she synced her iTunes account. As iOS 7 is incompatible with her company’s email system, it is not as simple as wiping and restoring the handset. In a nutshell, she has to manually delete those names one by one each time!

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