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sprint-sparkSprint has its fair share of devices which are able to support the speedy Spark data service, but there seemed to be one hiccup when it comes to one of its fast selling smartphones, which would be the Samsung Galaxy S4. The “poor” Galaxy S4 has remained with standard issue LTE connectivity, and Sprint hopes that this will no longer be the issue as they have introduced a Spark-capable version of the Galaxy S4.

This particular upgrade would mean support for tri-band wireless technology is introduced for the handset, and chances are you will be able to hit download speeds of 50Mbps to 60Mbps, depending on the area that you are in at that moment. There is one particular stumbling block, however, as the price might prove to be a divisive issue. The 16GB Spark Edition of the Galaxy S4 will retail for $200, double of the existing model on contract, where it will ship in a few weeks’ time. [Press Release]

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