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iphone-5s-touch-id-halfSo, D-Day is about to be upon us soon, and the fabled iPhone 5s with its TouchID capability is about to be unleashed upon the masses. Having said that, each time before Apple releases a new product, they would normally shut down their Apple Store, rendering it unusable temporarily, but it is rather strange that Apple has done this more than three hours before the iPhone 5s can be purchased online at midnight, Pacific Time. Normally, this procedure does not require three hours or more, so this is a rather unusual move by Apple.

There has been predictions that the iPhone 5s will be in short supply, but like all rumors and speculation, all we need to do is sit back and relax. Wait for the initial mad rush for the iPhone 5s, and then wait for the actual sales figures to start streaming through before one goes ahead and make an analysis as to how well the iPhone 5s has done so far.

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