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motorola-droid-5-verizonWhile there has been plenty of buzz surrounding a potential champagne (or gold, depending on whether you like shiny, expensive material, or a bottle of bubbly more) shade in the upcoming iPhone 5S, we do not want to detract from upcoming flagship models which will hail from different manufacturers – such as the Motorola Droid 5. Or at least, what we would like to think is, thanks to a leak from a Weibo account in China. This alleged Motorola Droid 5, if true, would mean the drought for a new Droid device from the Google-owned company will be the first in more than one and a half years, and even more interesting is the fact that the leaked image points to a Verizon logo, making this something of a Verizon tradition now when you think about it.

The leaked picture does not seem to reveal too much, as the Droid 5 certainly does not seem as though it has changed a whole lot compared to its previous four predecessors, still carrying the trademark slide-out QWERTY physical keyboard, but it does seem as though the buttons might no longer feature the capacitive features found in its older iterations. As for the display size, do not expect something as huge as a phablet, as it does seem to reside between the 4.3” and 4.5” territories. Other alleged features include wireless charging, NFC support and a case that is said to be tougher than most smartphones. features like NFC, wireless charging and a case that’s been made to resist water and dust better than other smartphones.

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