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att-sells-dataAT&T must have run out of ways to create fresh revenues of income, so much so that they have decided to sell data that it collects from its vast number of subscribers each month. According to AT&T, this is in line with the steps taken by Google, Facebook and Verizon in the past, where the information will be sold to other businesses, although it was not revealed just what these businesses will be. AT&T also mentioned that they might sell information such as its customers’ wireless and Wi-Fi locations, U-verse usage, website browsing habits, and mobile app usage, with “other information” being part of the deal, too.

If you are worried that private information will be sold, fret not as AT&T guarantees that the data sold will remain anonymous, and under some circumstances, these information will be lumped together with that of other subscribers so that a customer’s privacy will be protected. If you still feel uncomfortable about it, then you can choose to opt out of the program.

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