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new-droidsDo you smell what Motorola is cookin’? Not really, huh? After all, the company has not exactly been in the limelight all this while, and their offerings of late have failed to light up our imagination. Sure, they have managed to cobble together a new logo recently, but a new logo is not going to bring in the dough for a company, new products will. Thankfully, Motorola does not fall short in this particular department either, as the folks over at @evleaks have revealed that they will be delivering a Motorola Droid RAZR Ultra and a RAZR M Ultra over to Verizon Wireless in the coming months.

These two handsets would certainly send our imagination running, especially since Motorola did mention in the past that they do have other handsets in the pipeline – three of them, in fact, after the Moto X, which is still unreleased, hits the mass market. It would be interesting to see how Motorola positions these newly mentioned smartphones in such a highly competitive market.

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