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apple-auctionAt the end of last month, we talked up an original Apple 1 computer which will be put up for auction in Germany last Saturday, and it seems that the auction went on far better than expected. In fact, this still working Apple 1 computer was sold under the hammer for a record two-thirds of a million dollars last Saturday. This record price was willingly met by a bidder who preferred to remain anonymous, and in an interview with the New York Times, Auction Team Breker of Cologne, claimed that the buyer was a “wealthy entrepreneur from the Far East.”

Hmmm, that bit of information hardly helps narrow things down to a more manageable range, but as record buffs would always like to know, this Apple 1 was sold for €420,000, or $542,000 after conversion at the current exchange rate, where the final bill amounted to $671,400 after throwing in a 22.3% commission in addition to taxes. This surpassed the $640,000 mark which so happened to be the previous record for an Apple 1 which was sold last November. When will it hit the coveted $1 million mark? I guess you can more or less call this the precursor to the iPhone in a spiritual manner.

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