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galaxy-s4-nycWith both LG and Samsung being from South Korea, and producing similar products such as televisions, monitors and smartphones just to name a few, it isn’t surprising that both companies probably regard themselves as rivals, and with flagship devices on the line, it seems that LG has made a claim that they believe that Samsung’s eye-tracking technology, the Smart Pause video feature in the Galaxy S4, may have infringed upon one of their patents. LG has a similar feature which can be found on the Optimus G Pro called Smart Video and according to LG, they claim to own the patent to that feature and it dates back to 2009. LG has yet to file an official complaint but stated that they will be checking Samsung’s Smart Pause feature to confirm if it has infringed upon their patent. Unsurprisingly Samsung has refuted those claims, instead they are claiming that the technology they use is one that they have cooked up themselves and did not copy LG.

Like we said, this feature pertains to the flagship devices of both LG and Samsung, the Optimus G Pro and Galaxy S4 respectively. With Samsung having an edge over LG in the smartphone market, it is not surprising that LG will want to hinder Samsung’s progress as much as they can, even if it means casting some doubt over some of the Galaxy S4’s features. In any case we will have to wait for LG to report their findings, but in the meantime it looks like another patent war could be brewing,

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