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aurora-red-gs4If you have been in the market to pick up a Samsung Galaxy S4 for the longest time, but somehow or rather have never managed to do so simply because the color of your choice is not available, well, here we are with the Aurora Red version of the Galaxy S4 that was recently announced by the folks over at AT&T. It goes without saying that this is definitely a somewhat eccentric color, and will be an AT&T exclusive from June 14 onwards.

Of course, you can always play the role of being the early bird by placing your pre-orders from as soon as tomorrow, namely May 24th. Those who do so will have to fork out the usual $199.99 asking price, where it will be accompanied by a 2-year contract, of course, which is similar to what one would have to fork out for the ‘Black Mist’ and ‘White Frost’ colors. Any takers?

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