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att-obsceneAT&T is laying down the law when it comes to the kind of passwords that you can choose when you have an account over at AT&T. Basically, they want everyone to receive presents from Santa this coming Christmas, which is why they have laid down the banhammer on passwords which have obscene words to them. It does make us wonder, however, just who the heck are going to check out our passwords other than hackers? Of course, obscene words might trample on the morality issue in the eyes of some, but if they make your password a whole lot easier to remember, why not?

It is not as though we are living in the age where the Internet is new, and everyone just has one email account. No sir, there are dozens of passwords to remember these days, and if you cannot throw in an easy-to-remember obscenity that is far more secure than your birthday, it might just turn some folks off.

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