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Apple logoAll right, there has been plenty of rumors surrounding the next generation iPhone for the longest time (it happens every year since 2007, actually), and this time around, we have word that the iPhone 6 that is slated for a 2014 release will come with a polycarbonate body. A polycarbonate body, you say? Those who are familiar with previous devices rolled out by Apple will take note that polycarbonate material is the same kind that saw action on Appleā€™s now discontinued base-model MacBook laptop.

Of course, other whispers of this highly dubious rumor also point to a more generous 4.5-inch display which will still pale in comparison to the Full HD phablets of 2013, and the alleged iPhone 6 is also said to be a wee bit thicker compared to the current iPhone. Do take plenty of salt with this rumor, and remember to wash it down with adequate amounts of water!

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