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The number 911 is one that should be remembered by everyone, especially when you consider just how emergencies can happen at any time. Having said that, there must always be a better way of doing things, which is why all four of the major wireless carriers in the US (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile) have come together to work alongside The 911 Association and the Association for Public-Safety Communications Officials International, where this convergence of bodies have set up an agreement, submitting it to the FCC, where this agreement outlines plans to work together on standards, procedures as well as technology deployments which are said to offer a “seamless” introduction to such technology throughout the US.

It will not be available everywhere in two years’ time, but there will be bounce-back notifications rolling out by June 30th, 2013, which informs texters whenever the service is unavailable in their area, in addition to having a “commitment” to nationwide rollouts by the time May 15th 2014 rolls around. Something is better than nothing, I guess.

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