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AT&T logoIf you happened to pick up a new device from AT&T in the past, surely you would know that there is a 30 day device return policy enforced just in case you are not too happy with it, or found out that the device you purchased did not really fit your needs. Well, it seems that from yesterday onwards, October 7th, anyone who purchased a new device from AT&T will have just a couple of weeks (that would mean 14 days) to return them without having to be slapped with any penalty charges. As for folks who managed to just slip through the October 7 release date, then you will still have 30 days to return them.

In an email that was sent from AT&T to PhoneScoop, AT&T said, “AT&T has updated its device return policy. Consumer customers will have 14 days to return a device for any reason and cancel service without paying an Early Termination Fee. While this begins on October 7, AT&T customers will continue to have the option to update their voice and data plans at any time.”

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