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The iPhone 5 is definitely going to be a blockbuster by the time it is sold in retail channels, that is for sure, no matter what people say about its specifications and recent unveiling. Well, there is a possibility that the iPhone 4 could actually end up as a discontinued device on Sprint on the very same day, which would definitely not bode well for anyone who wants to pick up the iPhone 4 (for free most probably). Whnen the iPhone 5 was announced, it was also mentioned that the 8GB iPhone 4 will actually be made available for free as long as you sign up for a new contract. While there might not be a free lunch in this world, a free iPhone 4 might be a rather tempting proposition, don’t you think so?

To be fair, however, the official iPhone 5 press release did also mention that any free iPhone 4 will be made available to the masses only via “select carriers”, and there is every possibility that Sprint will not be part of that particular list. Needless to say, this bit of interpretation might go off on a tangent, so who knows, there could very well be a free iPhone 4 coming your way in due time.

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