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It seems that a select group of HTC One X owners have run into issues concerning SMS notification, and it has so far been reported by those who own an international model of the HTC One X as well as the US variant that is currently making waves on AT&T. Yes, we do know that the device has already been rooted, but this issue has nothing to do with the rooting process at all. There is this particular bug that while it is not major, it can be very irritating, especially when you are not notified of an incoming text, and the only method to retrieve any new text messages would be by entering the messaging application itself and checking things out from there.

HTC is not numb to the issue, definitely – and they claim that this particular issue has affected just a “very small number” of owners for the international version as well as AT&T model. According to HTC, they already have a panacea in the pipeline that ought to bury this particular bug once and for all, but as for the release date of this particular bug, that remains to be seen. Looks like you will need to take the manual path in the mean time.

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