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htc-one-a9-leak-1We do know that the HTC One A9 is well on its way, but as to exactly when will it roll out to the masses? We do not really know, but what we do know is this – there will be an October 20th event that will be held by HTC, and chances are pretty high that will be the date on which HTC rolls out their new HTC One handset. Right here, right now, we will just have to make do with a bunch of leaked HTC One A9 photos, where this smartphone does seem to resemble an iPhone 6 where its design and form factor are concerned.

Of course, there is also a quick look at HTC’s very own Sense UI that will run on top of the Android operating system, in addition to rounded sides of an aluminum unibody and a microUSB 2.0 port – I guess that rules out the Type-C port that other handset manufacturers are starting to incorporate. Other than that, it looks like a loudspeaker resides on the bottom, with a lack of stereo speakers on the front. Check out the photo gallery after the jump.

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