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Nokia Lumia vs iPhone 4

As we reported recently, a Nokia Lumia 900 will sell for a mere $99.00 on contract on April 8th. If you would prefer to pick one up ‘unlocked’ the device will set you back $449.99 as opposed to the other Windows Phone that will be launching on AT&T on the same day which will cost $549.99 unlocked as well. To put the pricing of the Nokia Lumia 900 into perspective, off-contract can cost anywhere from $649 to $849 depending on their capacity.

What does all this mean for the Nokia Windows Phone device? The $100 price with a contract is not a gimmick to lure users into the mix. It is just simply cheaper to produce with pricing being a critical component and sometimes even a deal breaker, it is an important distinction. The Finnish company will simply be banking on the fact that it will put its flagship product up against other firms lesser products in a bid to move volume.

Nokia has selected among all the carriers available, AT&T which has made plenty of people cry afoul but what AT&T could potentially give Nokia is another chance at glory in the phone world it once dominated. Now Nokia along with AT&T has the chance to break away from its current sales levels and reach a new level even with the minute hiccup that AT&T will not release a certain firmware update.

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