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Jeff Bradley of AT&T promises that the launch for the Lumia 900 will be a “notch above anything we’ve ever done,” which includes the iPhone launch. According to CNET, AT&T along with Nokia will be pulling out all the stops when they launch the Lumia 900 next month. The resources needed for a launch of that magnitude just go to show the importance for the device to be a success in the U.S as some might say it is the perfect chance after a truly turbulent year in the smartphone world.

For potential customers, the launch will take place on April 8. AT&T and Nokia are preparing for a huge television marketing campaign in order to raise awareness of the device. Both companies have spent a lot of time training and equipping staff with the Nokia flagship device. To stress that the phone really deserved the amount of support that it is being given, Bradley says that it will launch with a number of accessories. Before you walk into a store, you will know that the Lumia 900 is our “hero phone”.

The campaign is like to last 6-8 weeks and as Chris Weber who is President of Nokia’s North America business says, “To re-enter the U.S market, we know we have to be aggressive.” While there is no mention of how much of a subsidy was given for the device, a $99 flagship device certainly depicts aggression in the current smartphone market. Are you excited about the Lumia 900? Let us know if you will be planning to get it as soon as it lands with a comment below.

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