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T-Mobile subscribers, if you have been meaning to get your hands on the HTC One S, the device has recently been spotted at the FCC today with AWS 3G radio on board. While the filing did not actually out the device as the HTC One S, its model number, PJ40110 bears a close resemblance to the PJ40100 model number of the global version of the HTC One S, and the appearance of the device at the FCC also seems to be in line with T-Mobile’s plans for the Spring. Interestingly, it seems that a couple of weeks back, a certain PJ58100 was spotted at the FCC with many speculating that the PJ58100 could be T-Mobile’s version of the HTC One S instead, although it seems that based on Engadget’s initial investigation, the main difference between both devices is the placement of the WLAN/BT antenna itself. Either way we’ll keep an eye on this, so stay tuned.

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