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With our smartphones doubling as portable gaming consoles, there’s no doubt just how quickly our batteries would drain, sometimes even before the end of the day. Sure there are battery packs from companies like Mophie, but apart from providing extra juice, they don’t really contribute to the gaming experience. Enter PowerSkin’s Gaming Skin for iOS devices (iPhone/iPod touch).

The Gaming Skin will not only double as an additional battery pack for your iOS device, but will come with built-in stereo speakers to help enhance the gameplay. Granted it will probably not be as good as a pair of dedicated speakers, but it ought to do the trick at boosting the volume and sound quality compared to your default iOS speakers.

The add-on accessory will feature a 2,050mAh battery that PowerSkin claims will be able to extend your gaming sessions by an additional 10 hours, so if this sounds like an accessory you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on, head on down to PowerSkin’s website where you can pre-order the Gaming Skin for yourself which is priced at $99.99.

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