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The iPad 2 cannot work with Sprint’s network at the moment for a simple reason – there is no CDMA chipset inside the iPad 2 to do so, considering that Sprint is a CDMA network. Well, hope springs eternal as always, and it seems that the recently released iOS 5.1 beta has some code inside that might just make decent fodder for rumors to start circulating around the Internet like a forest fire that is out of control. It seems that there is a mention of a new version of the iPad 2 that is known internally as the iPad 2,4, so the idea of being able to take advantage of Sprint’s unlimited 3G data plan is really something to whet our appetites with, although we are quite sure that this will most probably happen at limited download speeds after a while.

Hopefully the iPad 2 on Sprint will be released before the iPad 3 comes out, don’t you think so? Even if that happens, would you make still pick up the iPad 2 when there is a better and faster iPad on the market? I guess it really depends…

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