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Samsung_logoIt is rather interesting to take note that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has yet to be released officially, at least not until tomorrow over here in the US, and yet there is another rumor surrounding a variant of this device circulating around already, where this particular rumor points to a far more rugged model, where it will be known as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Active, of course. It makes sense, after all, Samsung did take such a route in the past.

The alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Active will no doubt be tougher in its form factor, where it will come equipped with a waterproof rating as well as a higher capacity battery that would amount to 4,100mAh in its capacity, and there are suggestions that this handset will arrive some time in early November, which should be good business for the South Korean company as that is when the holiday shopping season starts to kick off. Ah well, we will just have to sit tight and wait. .

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