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Traditional cash registers are on their way out, as Apple has started adopting the use of the iPad as its point of sale system. Looking to keep up with the times, AT&T’s store in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights has adopted something similar by utilizing the iPad and iPhone for checkout purposes.

Apart from these changes, this new concept store by AT&T is looking to make the shopping experience of customers more fun and inviting, seemingly emulating Apple’s strategy with bar stool seats and tables to try out the latest devices. We’re not sure if this concept store by AT&T will be a one off thing, or if they’re just using it as a testing grounds before renovating the rest of their stores.

In the meantime, for those living in the Arlington Heights suburb, if you’re looking for a new phone and want to go test out a couple of handsets, AT&T’s store might be a good place to stop by before making your decision.


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