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AT&T logoAT&T and T-Mobile’s merger has been receiving a lot of negative attention, mostly from the DoJ and rival carriers who are claiming that the merger would essentially kill off any form of competition. The loudest carrier is probably Sprint, who is the smallest of the four major carriers, and lately Cellular South has even come on board the lawsuit bandwagon.

However now AT&T has come forward and stated that the judge should throw out both Sprint’s and Cellular South’s case due to both companies suing due to personal interest, and even going as far as revealing Cellular South’s private negotiations with AT&T prior to their lawsuit.

According to AT&T, Cellular South told them that they would support the merger as long as AT&T agrees not to engage in facilities-based competition in Mississippi. While we can’t verify the truth to those claims, that allegation does make it seem like Cellular South is in it for personal gain rather than public interest.

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