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So we have seen the Epic 4G Touch from Sprint get torn apart right after we reviewed it, but there’s more to this handset than meets the eye. We all know that phones are very different from computers where the only way to upgrade it would be to trade it in for a newer model – because smartphones aren’t built to be modular at this moment.

Trust the folks over at XDA Forums to come up with a root for the Epic 4G Touch – while this particular crack is “experimental” at point of publishing, that does not mean folks have not tried it out already (at your own risk, of course), so make sure you make a backup of your handset before you give it a crack. It would be a shame to lose all your data because of this oversight.

Not only that, you will need to have Kies and Odin 3 running, making this a Windows-only adventure, although that might change sometime down the road, depending over how the root develops in time. Just in case you wonder what rooting is, it would be the ability to manipulate some files within the phone’s system that the manufacturer did not intend the user to originally, and while that opens it up to potential nasty attacks on the outside if exploited the wrong way, used for good, it will be able to literally transform the entire user experience as in this case.

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