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Battery life has always been an issue with smartphones. While there are alternatives that can help us charge our devices while on the go, i.e. battery packs, it’s not as convenient since you would be required to bring out an additional device.

Well it seems that the engineering team at UCLA have successfully created an LCD out of photovoltaic polarizers that recycle energy from the sunlight and even the phone’s backlight to charge itself. That’s pretty insane, isn’t it? Your phone, in theory, would never run out juice!

Unfortunately it might be a while before manufacturers start to adopt this technology. We’re guessing that the fact that it’s an LCD as opposed to an LED display might not be what handset manufacturers are going for, and it’s possible the quality isn’t quite up to par yet. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty excited to see our phones be self-sustaining in the future!

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