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Samsung-Galaxy-SIV-concept-1While the Samsung Galaxy S4 might have been the most anticipated Android smartphone of 2013, many had rightfully expected the phone to receive a major redesign. While the phone does look different from the Galaxy S3, it was not as radical a departure as many had anticipated. In any case love or hate the Galaxy S4’s design, designer Florin Kumnova has come up with what he thinks the Galaxy S4 should look like, and as you can see in the image above, it looks pretty darn good! Kumnova’s concept features a 5″ edge-to-edge display, and apart from the different in design, Kumnova has kept to the original specifications of the Galaxy S4, meaning that the only thing different from this concept and the real thing would be its design. Kumnova’s concept is also a lot less curvy compared to the Galaxy S4 and if anything, is somewhat reminiscent of the Galaxy S2 which isn’t a bad thing. What do you guys think? Do you like what Kumnova did with his concept, or do you prefer the current design?

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