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ios7conceptmohamedWhile the design of iOS might have been somewhat “revolutionary” at its time of inception, it has started to get a bit old, especially since on the surface it seems like nothing much has change. Sure, Apple has made a few changes here and there, improved performance, added features and whatnot, but unlike Android, iOS has remain visually the same (more or less) since day 1. While we are hoping to see some change being made since Jony Ive has taken over, we doubt that if there are changes to be made, it will not be a dramatic overhaul. Thankfully designer┬áMohamed Kerroudj has come up with his idea/concept of what he thinks iOS 7 should or could look like. He has replaced the lock screen of iOS with a rather simple and clean interface, making it “flat” which seems to be along the lines of Google, although we cannot complain. It’s a very nice touch and we doubt that Apple will be adopting any of these features anytime soon, but it’s always nice to imagine, right?

iOS 7 Concept (partie 2) from Kerroudj on Vimeo.

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