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It’s not everyday you see a CEO so fired up, and so passionate about his company. Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint, has been fighting tooth and nail for the survival of Sprint, who he believes will not stand a chance of surviving should the AT&T and T-Mobile merger go through. He also has as White Room where he plans out his strategies and “nukes” which he plans to use in order to stop the AT&T and T-Mobile merger.

This isn’t exactly news since Dan Hesse has been extremely vocal about the merger ever since it was announced. Sprint has since filed a formal petition with the FCC, and even openly suggested that they would come up with AT&T to deal with the spectrum issues, but AT&T just shrugged them off.

Dan Hesse believes he’s fighting not just for Sprint’s survival, but also for the good of the industry and the American consumers.

“The industry just won’t be as innovative and as dynamic as it has been, it’ll gum up the works when everything has to go through these two big tollbooths, one that’s called AT&T and one that’s called Verizon.”

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