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We all remember the Samsung Replenish because of all the hype that it generated about it being a “green” phone. Going green these days is all the rage and it’s a good thing and we love Samsung for trying but it looks like there have been several reports floating around the internet that the Samsung Replenish’s solar charging system is not working as it should but in fact it looks like it’s actually draining the battery rather than charging it.

A user report on the Sprint forums read:

“Did a test of the charging system this weekend. Left it out in direct sunlight for about an hour. It got hot but DID NOT CHARGE ANYTHING. I actually lost battery life. Placed it on the dash of my car for an 1 1/2 hour drive and it almost went dead… I don’t know about this… Seems to be a rip-off to me…”

That brings up a pretty good question because leaving your phone in a hot environment tends to drain its battery faster, that’s not news but how does solar charging work when your device is in the hot sun and charging at the same time? It just doesn’t really make that much sense, but it does not look like he is the only user being affected. Are there any of our readers out there with Samsung Replenish phones facing similar issues or has it just been isolated to a couple of cases?

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