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AT&T logoIf you’re the kind of person prone to damage his/her phone or loses your device constantly, and you’re on AT&T, good news is on its way. AT&T has just announced their new AT&T Mobile Protection Pack, a monthly protection plan designed to give you a peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about your phone anymore. The AT&T Mobile Protection Pack combines a few services together: Mobile Insurance, Enhanced Support and Mobile Locate. Mobile Insurance replaces your phone in claims involving loss, theft, accidental damage, mechanical failure and so on, Enhanced Support gives you better technical support on the phone, and Mobile Locate gives you the ability to locate your phone, sound an alarm on the phone (even if it’s on silent or vibrate), and can secured your data and remotely lock your missing phone until you get your hands on it. The AT&T Mobile Protection Pack can be yours for $9.99/month, though the features can also be obtained separately if you wish. Visit http://www.att.com/mobileprotectionpack for more details.

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