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Verizon iPhone 4It looks like Verizon meant it when they said they would be prepared for the iPhone onslaught. It’s been almost a week since the iPhone 4 was made available on Big Red and according to some reports published online; there was nary a drop in network performance in terms of browsing and page load times. With an estimated number of between 500,000 and 700,000 new iPhone users on the network, it’s a pretty impressive feat for Verizon to accomplish. But it’s only the first week of the phone’s availability, so we’ll have to see how well the network performs as the year goes on. Not to mention, a huge bulk of customers could have been existing customers, which means that there wouldn’t have been an increase in data consumption from them. How many of you are rocking the Verizon iPhone 4? How’s it performing so far?

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