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Verizon iPhone 4

In a recent interview, Verizon’s CEO Ivan Seidenberg clears up the air about their network not receiving the iPhone before AT&T. Previously it was rumored that Verizon gave up the chance to have the iPhone first but because Apple didn’t want to give in to the network’s demands, they took their business over to AT&T instead. But according to Seidenberg, this wasn’t the case. Verizon never had a chance at the beginning because Apple was focused on GSM technology so they chose AT&T. CDMA isn’t a standard adopted worldwide and Apple did not want to focus on it then, hence Verizon (and Sprint) were cut out of the equation. Why they chose AT&T over T-Mobile is another story for them to tell, but at least this clears up Verizon’s reputation about losing the iPhone because they demanded too much. Well now that the iPhone 4 is finally on Verizon’s network, the past doesn’t really matter anymore; it’s time to look towards the future to see how successful the iPhone will be for them. Any of you with plans to buy a Verizon iPhone?

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