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AT&T iPadThe two hackers, who hacked into AT&T’s servers and exposed the email addresses of 114,000 iPad owners last year, have finally been arrested for their crime. It might have taken the authorities seven months to catch them but they got caught in the end. The two men were charged with conspiracy to access a computer without authorization and fraud for allegedly breaking into AT&T’s servers and outing the email addresses – but they claimed that they hacked AT&T so that they would beef up their security. Sounds like a typical excuse that a lot of hackers have used before. If they were so intent on closing up security, did they have to release the 114,000 emails addresses? Wouldn’t a hack and proof of entry be sufficient to get AT&T working on their security? Needless to say AT&T has had the holes clearly pointed out to them, but the hackers have been sent to jail in the process. Do you think they deserve it?

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