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AT&T MicroCell

AT&T has just announced that they will be offering free MicroCells to their customers experiencing spotty coverage at home or in the office. AT&T has already been offering this nifty gadget for sale and a monthly subscription, but they have announced that a select few customers will be receiving the device for free – as long as they agree to subscribe to the device for a year.

In case you were wondering, the MicroCell creates a mini 3G cell tower within a room or a small office with the use of an internet broadband connection. All users have to do is connect the MicroCell with their broadband connection via an Ethernet cable and they’re good to go. Using the internet connection, the MicroCell creates a 3G signal for AT&T users to connect to. So instead of using AT&T’s regular network, users will be making and receiving calls and text messages through an internet connection. The MicroCell can even be used to create a 3G connection in places where there normally isn’t a connection at all.

The MicroCell is currently available from AT&T at $199.99, and does not have any monthly usage fees but it will detract your minutes and data usage accordingly when you make calls, or go online using 3G. How many of you use a MicroCell, and does it really improve your phone’s reception?

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