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AT&T iPhone

We all know that the iPhone has been an AT&T exclusive ever since it was launched a few years back, and now, with the carrier about to lose their exclusivity over the device; AT&T appears to be grasping at whatever straws it has left to make people stay on their network. First, AT&T slashed the price of their 3GS phones, and now they have struck the first blow at Verizon by saying “The iPhone is built for speed, but that’s not what you get with a CDMA phone. I’m not sure iPhone users are ready for life in the slow lane. He says AT&T’s GSM technology is faster than Verizon’s CDMA technology.” Quite a funny statement for them to say, when you’ve been the receiving end of “slow” jokes from T-Mobile. Either way, their insult towards Big Red seems to confirm that Apple’s iOS phone will be making its way to the CDMA network. With Verizon holding a special event tomorrow that’s speculated to be the iPhone launch, we’ll find out soon enough.

[image credit: digital daily]

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