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Verizon iPhone

The Verizon iPhone has been one of the most talked about devices in recent months, and it’s almost 2011 with still no official word about whether the device will be confirmed or not. But according to some analysts, if the Verizon iPhone happens, AT&T will most likely feel the main brunt of the blow. Current AT&T subscribers will be ditching their current iPhones to get new ones on Verizon’s network. This will happen mostly due to problems customers have been facing with AT&T’s services, and also because everyone just wants a new iPhone. While this means that they’ll be losing customers to Big Red, it also means that they’ll be receiving a large number of checks for early termination fees that their customers have to pay. But less customers on their networks would mean a less congested network, and those users who stay on AT&T should be experiencing improved services, which would put AT&T in their customers’ good books again. And without the iPhone on their shelves, they can finally concentrate on marketing other smartphones instead, and catch up with what they’ve been missing all this while. What do you think of the analysts’ predictions?

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