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iPhone 4If you’re looking for an iPhone 4, but don’t have the money to shell out for a new one, have you ever considered getting a refurbished model? After all, if you’re going to throw your iPhone 4 in a protective case, a little dings on the side, here and there is probably not going to matter much to you anyway. Well, AT&T has slashed the prices of their refurbished iPhone 4 devices and besides the fact that the iPhone 4 used to belong to someone else- it does everything an iPhone 4 does. The refurbished phones are being sold for: 16GB – $99, 32GB – $199, refurbished with cosmetic blemish: 16GB – $79, 32GB – $179. The prices don’t include the required activation fee of $36. If you’re interested in getting a refurbished iPhone 4, just head over to the AT&T website for more details. What are your thoughts on refurbished phones vs. brand new ones?

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