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Burg 7

If you’ve been keeping an eye on phone watches, you would have notice how most of them are pretty terrible looking. Some of them you wouldn’t even want to wish upon your worst enemies (okay I kid, but you basically don’t want to be caught wearing them in public). Well, a new phone watch has just entered the FCC, and boy does it look- normal. Finally, a phone watch you can wear out in public without feeling embarrassed about! The Burg 7 looks like a regular watch but functions like a phone. It has GSM 850/1900 radios, so expect it to work on AT&T. It also supports Bluetooth, so you’ll be able to pair it up with your favorite Bluetooth headset for convenience. No idea why it’s called a Burg 7 though, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t run on Windows Phone 7. No word on battery life or pricing either, but if it makes it through the FCC and hits the market we’ll keep you updated. How many of you would use a phone watch?

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