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AT&T logoWith AT&T being the last carrier to hop on the 4G bandwagon, it looks like they’ve decided to focus on their WiFi capabilities instead, with WiFi providing much higher speeds than regular 3G connections. In an official press release, AT&T has announced that they have plans to deploy more AT&T WiFi hotzones in major markets all over the country. They are starting with the expansion of their existing Times Square WiFi hotzone and will be implementing new hotzones near Rockefeller Center and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Its next WiFi hotzone will the popular Embarcadero Center in San Francisco. With the WiFi available for free to users on AT&T plans (regular data plans, Laptop Connect and High Speed Internet), it sure sounds like a good idea to subscribe to those plans if you’re usually found within the vicinity of those areas. Could this be AT&T’s answer to T-Mobile’s ad about the iPhone being unable to FaceTime without a WiFi hotspot? The timing seems impeccable.

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