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SanDisk Focus-compatible microSD cards

The Samsung Focus is the only Windows Phone 7 device to have an easily-accessible microSD slot, yet you’re warned not to use it. When the phone was being sold, AT&T sales reps advised customers not to install any memory cards into their phone, and were told to wait for “WP7-certified memory cards”. Well it looks like the wait is over; SanDisk has started selling some microSD memory cards claiming to be Samsung Focus i917 compatible. The memory cards are available up to sizes of 16GB and 32GB. With SanDisk already offering WP7 microSD cards for sale, other brands should be following suit soon (unless of course SanDisk has an exclusive deal with Microsoft). But with regular microSD cards reported to be working correctly on WP7 phones, do you feel the need to purchase official WP7-certified memory cards?

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