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In a discussion today, CEO of Sprint, Dan Hesse spoke about the company’s plans concerning 4G. He mentioned that Sprint would only be using WiMAX for 4G, and will not be using LTE- they had only tested LTE previously just to see whether phones that supported both formats could work on their network. Their decision to choose WiMAX over LTE was so that they could bring 4G to the market before any other carrier. This has enabled them to enjoy success with their 4G-enabled phones- the Epic 4G and EVO 4G. Dan Hesse also denied any chances of Clearwire working with T-Mobile- with Sprint holding a 54% stake in Clearwire, he’s not going to enable his competitors to ride on their coat tails. With all their competitors only hopping on the 4G bandwagon next year, let’s see how much leverage Sprint can gain with this headstart.

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