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As most of us are already aware, the Samsung Galaxy S II is quite the hit, especially in Korea where it had home ground advantage and proceeded to sell 1 million units in a single month, beating its previous record set by the Galaxy S II’s predecessor, the Galaxy S. However there has been no word on whether it would be hitting the States any time soon and some were worried that it would skip the market altogether.

At least until a leak from Samsung Mobile’s Singapore Facebook page showed various accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S II, and in one photo which showed a docking cradle for the device whereby the device was spotted with the AT&T branding on it along with various new icons below it, much like the Infuse 4G. Featuring a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and a Super AMOLED display, carriers in the US would be crazy not to add this device to their current lineup.

Although there has been no word from AT&T as to whether all of this is true, we can only hope that this is a slip-up from Samsung and indeed there is an AT&T version of the Galaxy S II heading our way soon. Until then stay tuned!

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